Monday, 5 April 2010

I've been away for a while...

But have had a much-needed kick up the bum area to get this in gear..

Two weeks ago we did a show to coincide with (the now finished flatpack festival where we played music made for films (or used in films) ONLY (except.. thats kind of a lie.. we also played songs from tv shows as well). Two of my lovely chums Leah and Mark came down to guess the films (although they were pretty shit at doing that), and my mate from up norf Stu was also around to help keep things clean (although he was pretty shit at doing that .. at one point Leah was on HER PHONE to rhubarb radio's very own Waylind from WHOMANITY ( going "what film is this from .."doo doo dooo doo doo ") She got Magic Dance from Labyrinth in approximately o.2735 seconds though, which was rather impressive.

listen back to the whole show here : (gigantic apologies about the fuzzing crappo noise during the first half of the show . BIG PROPS to dolhasz for coming down to pull out a single wire and fix it in an instant.)

Incase you missed it during the show:
Way Down in the Hole - The Blind Boys of Alabama ( from THE WIRE)
Talk Show Host - Radiohead (from ROMEO AND JULIET)
Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr (from ... GHOSTBUSTERS)
Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell (from REQUIEM FOR A DREAM)
Il Buono, Il Cattivo, Il Brutto - Ennio Morricone (from THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGGO)
An Ending (Ascent) - Brian Eno (loads of films, I chose 28 DAYS LATER)
I am A Man of Constant Sorrow - The Soggy Bottom Boys (from O, BROTHER WHERE ART THOU?)
Trapped in the Closet Chapter 9 - R. Kelly (from the hip-hopera TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET)
Ping Island - Mark Mothersbaugh (from THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU)
The End - The Doors (from APOCALYPSE NOW)
Svefn-G-Englar - Sigur Ros (from VANILLA SKY)
Head Over Heels - Tears for Fears (from DONNIE DARKO)
Little Green Bag - George Baker (from RESERVOIR DOGS)
The Devil May Care (Mom and Dad Don't) - The Brian Jonestown Massacre (from DiG!)
In Dreams - Roy Orbison (from BLUE VELVET)
Magic Dance - David Bowie (and assorted muppets) (from LABYRINTH)
Suspiria - Goblin (from SUSPIRIA)
The Harry Lime Theme - Anton Karas (from THE THIRD MAN)
Bookstore, Row & Phone Call - All by Jon Brion (all from ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND)
This Land - Hans Zimmer (from THE LION KING)
The Staunton Lick - Lemon Jelly (from the TV show SPACED)




We Are Eastside – Birmingham’s Creative Playground

"Underneath Eastside’s arches you’ll find a whole host of organisations making and presenting film, music, visual arts, digital media, craft, literature, and photography – and some great pubs and cafes too. We Are Eastside is a guide to some of these hidden treasures."

All the happenings around Digbeth and beyond have been nicely coagulated into this guide/blog to keep you updated of where to go, what to eat and what not to miss! The area is undergoing a great regeneration from crumbling warehouses and derelict factories to urban art centres, creative projects and all-round awesomeness.

Please check out the website for more info:

2. fizzPOP Theremin Day 24th April

unfortunately all tickets for the workshop are sold out but tickets for the live performances are still available!

When: Saturday 24th of April, 8-11pm
Where: The Edge, Cheapside, Birmingham. B12 0QH
Cost: £6
Number of places: 40
Bar: drinks will be available, as will opportunities for you to make a donation…
More information:

Theremin Day is in two parts: an afternoon workshop in which you can
build your very own Optical Theremin, followed by an evening of
audio/visual delights from the following performers:

Ms. Hypnotique – Theremin liveset
"Hypnotique plays all instruments, producers, writes and sings.
Theremin, voice, clarinet, saxophone, viola, keyboards, ARP Odyssey
synth, Juno 6, glockenspiel, percussion. Hypnotique does all artwork,
art products, merchandise and press. She currently is working with
guest producers Joe Ladyboy and John Callaghan."

Mr. Underwood – Performing Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music, for Optical
Theremin and torch

Pete Ashton - Music for Thingamagoop"

if you're still none the wiser about what a theremin is , heres someone playing the Legend of Zelda theme with one :

thats all for now .. possibly!

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