Friday, 16 April 2010

Stinky Wizzleteat on Lost in the Wood

(sorry in the delay in posting this , I've been galavanting around Lincolnshire)

Alllll the way back to last Saturday saw Birmingham-based sludgemathawesome trio Stinky Wizzleteat enter the Custard Factory for a little chit chat. Over the course of the show, John (the drummer) managed to run infront of a wedding photo shoot that was happening nearby, we discussed childhood cartoons of our yoof (including Sharky and George, The Angry Beavers and Captain Planet) and a ridiculous and wholly unncessary amount of love was expressed for pop-punk. You can still listen back to the whole show here. DO IT !

Playlist for the show :
A song by Small Brown Bike (Stinky Jim's choice - I am rubbish and can't remember the name of the song)
Short Circuit - Growing
Sheriff Jessum - Pink and Brown
Dub on Fire - King Tubby
Vague Recollection - Kid 606 and Dalek
Earth Died Screaming - Tom Waits
Smuck - Ikonika
In the Mean Time - Helmet (Stinky Jim's choice once more)
Unwind - Sonic Youth
Megtilda - Stinky Wizzleteat
Umaduna Omnyama - Ubhekitsche Namajongosi
How Long - Charlottefield
Bill's Mom Likes to Fuck - A Minor Forest
Yo! Bumrush the Show - Public Enemy
Hands that Mold - Dystopia (Stinky Neil and John's joint choice)
Harvey Keitel in Taxi Driver - Stinky Wizzleteat

Stinky Wizzleteat are playing the Swinging Sporran TONIGHT , for FREE , alongside 5 other bands.

Some interesting things that have happened recently :
1. My nine year old brother Robert taught me how to ride a bike. I am 22 years old.
2. I found out I have ATP press passes WOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHOOOOO - so yeah , expect some ATP related radio comin'atcha cleopatra next month.
3. there was some sort of election debate or something ...

ANYWAY , on this weeks show - TODAY at 5 - 7 pm :


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