Saturday, 19 September 2009

Playlist 12th September

Tenor Saw - Pumpkin Belly
Tobacco - Side 8 (Big Gums Version)
Cocteau Twins - Pearly Dew Drop Drops
Techno Animal - Robosapien
The Ruby Suns Feat. Esau Mwamwaya - Birthday
Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes (Zomby Analog Lego Remix)
Busdriver - Me Time
Daedelus - Sundown
Eric Copeland - Green Burrito
Nas - The World is Yours
A Silver Mount Zion - 1,000,000 died to make this sound
Tycho - Adrift
Ruins - Real Jam
Banjo or Freakout - All I need (radiohead cover)
Sonic Youth - Within you without you
Tera Melos - A Spoonful of Slurry
Squarepusher - North Circular
The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby ( because the Aretha Franklin version was an epic fail )

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