Friday, 9 April 2010

Soweto Kinch on Lost inthe Wood !

Last Saturday Birmingham bwoi, MOBO award-winning , sax maestro lovely chap Soweto Kinch (yes, thats right Soweto flipping Kinch) popped by the studio to tell all about his annual Flyover Show, which on Saturday 29th May underneath the Hockley flyover in Birmingham .

Now in its third year the unconventional inner city festival transforms the grey space beneath the Hockley Flyover into an oasis of cultural expression, celebrating generations of black British music and art. For the first time this show explores the specific theme of black female identity. The headline artists, include current Mercury Prize winner Speech Debelle, Eska Mtungwazi and Bridgette Amafoh, all successful and highly original creatives, achieving widespread recognition without compromising their art or femininity.

There'll also be poetry, street art, dancing, and whole SMORGASBORD of badass Jamaican foodstuffs.

Also in the studio last Saturday was Bristol's Rosena Powell, who is a wonderful vocalist and lo-fi bass guitar strummy lady (more details sooon on her work). As Soweto is a professional MC who I've seen perform many a time at the massively entertaining LiveBox, I thought why not utilise his exquisite rhyme-spitting skills during this weeks big question , Who Is Soweto Kinch ? Rosie fearlessly took him on , despite no formal training in this area , and ingeniously did an extended metaphor rap, likening Soweto to a doberman pinscher. I think also this idea was subconciously ingrained into her grey matter whilst watching this short Chris Morris film the day before courtesy of Antonio Roberts.

Anyhoo, Soweto was a great sport despite all the shenanigans we threw at him, and you can listen back to the whole show here.

Playlist of muzak (not so much this week due to all the chitter chatter) :

Sweatmother - Tobacco
Poison Dart - The Bug feat Warrior Queen
Jasier - Monster Killed By Laser
Mt. Saint Michel - Alarm Will Sound (aphex twin cover by 20 member chamber orchestra!)
Mr. Wendal - Arrested Development
Seamonkey - Moderat (Surgeon Remix)
Congestion - The Devestation
10.30 Appointment - Soweto Kinch
Crowning Orbs - Zomes (Lungfish guitarist project - checkitt!)
Here Comes All The People - Liars (by Atlas Sound)
The Candle - Deep Puddle Dynamics (anticon supergroup!)
Tokyo Eye - Sonic Youth
Everybody Saw You - Ruby Andrews
The Virgin Bride - Oxbow
Mellow Yellow - Donovan


The sludgey stoner behemoths will be making the walls wobble of the Asylum tonight, limited tickets will be available on the door. Support is from Totimoshi and Stinky Wizzleteat.

SPEAKING OF WHICH : the stinky boys will be in the studio THIS SATURDAY on Lost in the Wood fresh from opening for eyehategod! If I can get them to stop swearing quite as much (which is saying a fair bit, coming from me) they shall be discussing their upcoming 7" release, shit they dig and how they are "a major influence on the Beatles." MUCHO AWESOME.

If you can't make eyehategod (although, really, you should) Stinky Wizzleteat will be playing at the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham on Saturday evening right after Lost in the wood! You really should go to that too.

Don't forget to tune in this Saturday 5 - 7 pm !

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